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The Worst thing you Write is better than the Best thing you did Not Write!


Hello and Welcome, all you keen readers, budding writers, established authors, and of course, people like us who are a mix of all the above. We are excited that you have decided to visit us!

The main purpose of this website is to offer writers and authors a platform to further their creativity. Now, we can hear you say that there are umpteen writing websites out there, why do we need one more? The fact is that with BCW, we endeavor to sort through the clutter and bring you writing articles, helpful tips and insightful advice from our desk and around the world to provide you with a one-stop solution for everything writing related. Not only will that help free you up to write more but also avoid conflicting advice from all over the internet.

In the near future, we also plan to host various writing contests, interviews and guest posts from established authors, online tutorials, webinars, author meets and many such events.

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Join us on this roller-coaster of a journey called Writing and allow us to bring fun into your Writing dreams!

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